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Surgical strike on Black money

09-Nov-2016 06:51:37
Surgical strike on Black money

PM Narendra modi in his Surprise Maan ki baath

From midnight tonight ( 8th Nov) all Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes will be tendered illegal 

Till 30th dec, one can return the notes to bank, by providing ID cards 

Fuel stations, Airport & Railways to accept 500 & 1000 till 11th Nov

Some ATMs not to work on 9th & 10th Nov

New 500 & 2000 notes to be issued with more security and tracking features 

Debit &Credit cards to continue as is

RBI Governor to address the nation at 9 pm ( 8th Nov )

There is new currency introduced by our Governement please check below:

Here is the new Instructions by Govt.

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