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Court denies bail for Famous Hero!

25-Jul-2017 11:32:58
Court denies bail for Famous Hero!

The Kerala High Court has reportedly denied granting bail to Mallu Hero Dileep on Mallu actress abduction case. The hearing was held on Thursday, and the decision was pushed to Monday. Now, the HC has decided that they will not be granting bail for Dileep.

This decision has been taken after considering the fact that, if given bail, Dileep would be able to influence the witnesses in the case. Dileep’s counsel, Ramkumar has apparently argued that there is no evidence to prove that his client was involved in incepting a conspiracy along with Pulsar Suni, after Dileep had claimed that he is not aware of who Pulsar Suni is.

The prosecution is said to have vehemently opposed the bail plea by stating that Dileep is capable of influencing the witnesses. Dileep was arrested on July 10th after the police had claimed that there is undeniable evidence against Dileep in this case.

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