Taking selfies here, will land in jail

04-Jan-2017 10:21:24
Taking selfies here, will land in jail

Taking selfies and posting them on social media pages or forwarding to friends is the latest trend, especially among youth. How can someone enjoy watching the beauty of a ‘Wonder of the World’ when they are busy taking selfies at the location to just make their friends jealous? Now people started using selfie sticks (Selfish Sticks) to get the right picture. There are incidents where people lost their lives, like people fell off a cliff trying to capture a perfect selfie. This is the reason some famous destinations discourage selfies and some even banned.

Here are some of the places where selfies are banned:

New York

A tourist tried to capture a funny picture but ended up with a tragic moment.  A monkey grabbed the hair of a tourist when she tried to take a selfie and din’t let go for more than 15 minutes. Selfies with lion, tiger or some other wild animals will be banned by the law in February 2016.


Selected venues like ‘O2 Arena’ and ‘Brixton Academy’ in Great Britain have banned selfies and the usage of selfie sticks as they cause problem to fellow audience by blocking the view of the stage.

Saudi Arabia

Muslims, all over the world, share a common dream of visiting Mecca once in their life time. Taking selfies here has been banned as most of the youngsters visiting Mecca share their selfies taken at Mecca to followers. Some religious leaders say that taking selfies will distract the prayers, rituals and the life time experience.

South Korea

South Korean government has banned the use selfie sticks as the Bluetooth signal from the sticks cause other devices, like cell phones and laptops to malfunction. Those who use these sticks will face a fine up to $30,000 or three years in jail or both.


There were times when fans used to ask for autographs from their favourite celebs. But now fans ask for a photograph (selfie). Iranian Football Federation has issued an order that players, coaches or other team members should not take part in photographs with female fans. The country is against its players from posing with women who do not follow the strict Islamic dress code. The nation believes that players can be sued based on those pictures for political gains and harassment.


As mentioned before that people fell off a cliff trying to capture a perfect selfie, people who attend Bulls festival at Pamplona in Spain risk their lives too. Last year, a participant was fined with $4,100 for taking a selfie while running from the animals.

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