Scientists discover the 1st animal of Earth

04-Jan-2017 10:21:24
Scientists discover the 1st animal of Earth

The answer to the million years old mystery has been revealed by the scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). According to the researchers at MIT, Sea Sponges are the first animals to appear on Earth and are born even before the Cambrian explosion, an evolutionary period that began around 542 million years ago. During the Cambrian period large number of new animals appeared.

A rare molecule named, 24-Isopropylcholesterol (24-IPC) was found in the rocks which are over 640 million years old. The scientists made this discovery analyzing molecular fossils in the ancient rocks. 24-IPC is produced by the sea sponges even today.

The MIT team led by David Gold is happy to discover such important lead. However, David Gold believes every discovery brings up new questions and mysteries.

“What did they look like 640 million years ago? How was the environment like? Such questions prove, how much we still need to know about early animal life and how many discoveries that need to be achieved. These discoveries are useful when done properly” he said.

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